The European Commission has launched a new project called “Europe on the Move”

“Europe on the Move” is a wide-ranging set of initiatives that will make traffic safer; encourage fairer road charging; reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution and congestion; cut red-tape for businesses; fight illicit employment and ensure proper conditions and rest times for workers. These measures will extend far beyond the transport sector by promoting jobs, growth and investment, strengthening social fairness, widening consumers’ choices and firmly putting Europe on the path towards low emissions.

Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said: “The EU has a unique opportunity to not only lead the modernisation of road transport at home, but also globally. Our reforms will set the foundation for standardised, digital road solutions, fairer social conditions and enforceable market rules. They will help decrease the socio-economic costs of transport, like time lost in traffic, road fatalities and serious injuries, health risks from pollution and noise, whilst serving the needs of citizens, businesses and nature.”

The transport sector plays an important role in the EU: it directly employs more than 11 million people in the EU and mobility in general has a great influence on the daily lives of European citizens. For these reasons, the Commission adopted a long-term strategy to deliver smart, socially fair and competitive mobility by 2025. The EU will drive this transition through targeted legislation and supporting measures, including infrastructure investment, research and innovation.

The first step of “Europe on the move” will be focused on road transport, thanks to a series of 8 legislative initiatives aimed at, for example, increasing the interoperability between tolling systems or creating  common specifications for public transport data that will allow passengers to better plan their journey and follow the best route even if it crosses a border.


Davide Scavuzzo