Project X2Rail-1: Commission promotes the development of new technologies in the railway sector

The X2Rail-1 project was launched in September 2016 for a period of three years. The joint contribution given by the involved companies to the future of rail traffic management focuses on enhancing communication systems, notably in support of next-generation automation systems, which is one of the partners’ main objectives. Other aims include increasing usable track capacity, improving signaling architectures as a contribution to a more decentralized and less cost-intensive system, and developing new cyber security systems for railways.

The partners of this project are also striving to boost train punctuality and minimize energy consumption through extended use of automatic train operation systems. Further activity in the project relates to backward compatibility of technologies that underpin the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), which builds on two standards respectively dedicated to train control and to mobile communications for railway operations. X2Rail-1 is a project funded by Shift2Rail, a joint undertaking promoting the development of new rail product solutions, the competitiveness of the European rail industry and the adaptation to the changing EU transport needs.

Shift2Rail was established by Council Regulation No. 642/2014. It started its activities in September 2016 and its term of office should last until August 2019. X2Rail-1 project envisages a 19 million euro budget fully funded by the EU; the project coordinator is the German company Siemens.


Davide Scavuzzo