State aid, Port of Naples: the Commission invites third parties to submit comments

After an initial dismissal of the file in 2006, the Commission, following the complaint of a third party, reopened the file regarding the State financial aid granted to the Port Authority of Naples.

The Port obtained finance in the amount of 44 million euros for the refurbishment of the dry docks of the Port. The dry docks are in principle available to all undertakings in the ship repair business that fulfil the relevant criteria but, de facto, are exploited exclusively by Cantieri del Mediterraneo (CAMED), on the basis of a 30-year agreement with the Port, drawn up in the absence of a prior tender. In this capacity, CAMED may receive an economic advantage from the exploitation of the dry docks refurbished at below market price.

The Commission, following a careful analysis of both the Port financing and of the possibility of State aid to CAMED, concluded that it cannot completely exclude the possibility that the measures are compatible, asking Italy and the interested parties to submit comments within a month.

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Pietro Michea