The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have reached an agreement on the amendments to the rules on the type-approval of light vehicles

On 14 November 2018, the European Parliament and the Council agreed the amendments to Regulation (EU) No 168/2003 as regards the application of the Euro 5 step to the type-approval of two- or three- wheel vehicles and quadricycles.

Even though the technology necessary to meet the Euro 5 emission limits is already available, the new rules postpone, for certain categories of vehicles, the date of application of these limits from 2020 to 2024, in order to increase the cost-benefit ratio compared to the base line. In addition, manufacturers of those vehicles, which are mainly SMEs, require more lead time to ensure that the transition towards zero emission powertrains, such as electrification can be achieved in a cost effective way.

The new legislation also extends thenumber of categories of vehicles exempted from the obligation to install on-board diagnostic systems (OBD), used for monitoring and reporting on the failures and degradation of emission control systems. On the basis of the Commission report on the comprehensive effect study of the environmental step Euro 5 for L-category vehicles (light vehicle types with two, three or four wheels, e.g. powered cycles, two- and three-wheel mopeds, two- and three-wheel motorcycles, motorcycles with side-cars and four-wheel vehicles such as onroad quads, all-terrain vehicles and quadrimobiles), the Commission found that there are technical limitations with respect to catalyst monitoring for certain vehicles and that further development is required to ensure its correct implementation.

Finally, the new rules extend the power granted to the Commission to adopt delegated acts pursuant to the Regulation by an additional five years.

The agreed text is available at the following LINK.


Sara Capruzzi