The European Commission has proposed to invest 695.1 million euro for the development of a sustainable and innovative transport infrastructure in Europe

On 1 October 2018, the European Commission presented an investment of 695.1 million euro in 49 key projects to develop sustainable and innovative transport infrastructure in Europe.

The proposed investment will be delivered through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the EU funding instrument developed specifically to direct investment into European transport, energy and digital infrastructures.

The largest part of the funding, 290.3 million euro, will be invested to modernise European air traffic management (ATM). Other funds will be used for the development of innovative projects and new technologies for transport, for an amount of 209.5 million euro, and for the upgrade of the railway network, maritime connections, ports and inland waterways, for an amount of 103.6 million euro.

Over 250 million euro of CEF funding will be provided to 26 projects aimed at developing new technologies in transport that promote alternative fuels.

The selected projects will also support the establishment of a Single European Sky via modernising European air traffic management in 23 of the Member States and Serbia, the upgrading of the Ampsin-Neuville lock complex in Belgium and the improvement of the maritime ports of HaminaKotka in Finland and Leixões in Portugal.

All proposed projects were selected for funding via two competitive calls for proposals, open to projects in all EU Member States.

Further information and the list of the selected projects are available at the following LINK.


Sara Capruzzi