The Commission has launched a public consultation on multimodal transport

The European Commission has launched a public consultation seeking to identify all the problems passengers face when combining different kinds of transport for the same journey and to examine options to better protect passengers in the EU when using multimodal transport.

The European Union legislation, in fact, guarantees passengers rights in any way they travel, by train, ship, plane and bus. When different modes of transport are used one after the other to complete one journey, however, passengers’ rights are not guaranteed for the entire multimodal journey, because the current European passenger rights legislations cannot be applied effectively in case of multimodal passenger transport. Therefore, when different modes of transport are used, passenger rights may not be guaranteed when transferring from one mode to another since no legislation applies in this case.

This consultation will last twelve weeks and will be open until 25 May 2017. All citizens and organisations are welcome to participate.


Davide Scavuzzo