Port services and financial transparency of ports: the European Parliament approves a set of amendments

European Parliament voted draft rules amending Commission’s initial proposal which would have made free market access the general principle for the supply of port services. MEPs insist that a single system is not appropriate, as the EU port system includes many different models for the organization of port services. For this reason they amended the proposal so that existing port management models established at national level can be maintained

In this context the European Parliament recommends the adoption of common rules for member states and port managers wishing to limit the number of service providers according to minimum requirements based on professional qualifications and on the respect of maritime safety and environmental needs and national social standards. Moreover it states the importance of transparency of public funding and fees to prevent price abuse and market distortion and thus boost trade.

The Parliament approved the amendments to the draft regulation and mandated the negotiators to start negotiations with the Council on the final wording of the text based on the amendments passed.