Maritime: the European Border and Coastguard Package has been adopted

The European Commission has welcomed the adoption of the European Border and Coastguard Package, which fosters coastguard cooperation and maritime border control.

In order to improve coast guard functions, better collaboration between agencies is needed. For this reason, the new European Border and Coast Guard will bring together the European Border and Coast Guard Agency built from Frontex and the Member States’ authorities responsible for border management. Moreover, the mandates of the European Fisheries Control Agency and the European Maritime Safety Agency will be aligned to the new European Border and Coast Guard.

As a result, the three agencies will be able to launch joint surveillance operations, streamlining activities and avoiding duplication of efforts, with the result of a better service to national authorities.

The European Union will be better equipped to face all kinds of risks and threats occurring at sea, relating to border management, but also in relation to accidents, search and rescue operations and illegal activities at sea, meeting the many challenges of the maritime domain in a more rapid and efficient way.