Ferrobonus: Commission approves an Italian public financing in support of the transition from road to rail transport

Article 1, paragraph 648, of the 2016 Italian Stability Law introduced the so-called “Ferrobonus”, a financial incentive in support of combined transport aiming at transferring the transport of goods from road to rail.

On 24th November 2016, the European Commission approved the “Ferrobonus” considering it to be “in line with the rules on state aid“. The assessment of the Commission found that the scheme is open to all operators, both shippers and customers shipping goods, and there is not a distortion of the competition as it does not have a negative impact on maritime transport or inland navigation.

The measure will further have a positive impact both on the environment, as it will support a type of transport less polluting than the road, and on the mobility, reducing road congestion.