European List of ship recycling facilities: Commission clarifies requirements and procedures for inclusion of facilities located in third countries are clarified

On the basis of Regulation (EU) n. 1257/2013, the European Commission has issued a non-binding technical guidance note in order to facilitate the certification of ship recycling facilities located in a third countries, with a view to their application for inclusion on the European List of ship recycling facilities.

Specifically the note clarifies the meaning of several elements mentioned in Regulation (EU) n. 1257/2013, namely the object of the certification such as the design, construction, operational, management, monitoring and administrative requirements to be met by the facilities. Furthermore, it provides a definition of the status and qualifications of the certifying entity, as well as the notion of procedure for inspection of facilities and subsequent checks and how to submit an application to the Commission for inclusion on the European List.


Rather than just taking into account the clarifications provided by the Hong kong Convention, the guidelines of the International Maritime Organisation, the International Labour Organisation and Basel Convention, the technical guidance note clarifies new requirements.