Rail equipment: urgent call for new trade defense tools against the unfair competition from non-EU countries

With the Resolution adopted on 8 June 2016, MEPs claim that the rise in low–cost EU imports of rail supplies, such as engines or signals, from non–EU countries, including China, risks to hinder competitive conditions for EU suppliers.

To fight the unfair competition stemming from Third countries, the Parliament calls on the Commission to set up a coherent EU trade strategy, which ensures compliance with the principle of reciprocity, particularly in relation to Japan, China and US. Further specific provisions, which significantly improve market access for the European Rail Supply Industry, especially with respect to public procurement, should be also included in future EU trade agreements, and in revised ones.

Lastly MEPs urged the Council to deliver new legislative provisions without further delay, so as to enable EU to respond faster and more effectively to imports of dumped and subsidized goods, given that China’s treatment under EU anti–dumping law may change from December 2016.